I used to be an organization dork

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.  I know I was able to refill my bucket and get ready for the month ahead.

I like organization.  I like color coding, file folders and the like.  Before I had kids I used to color code my planner.  Everything was in pencil until I completed the task or activity and then it was written in pen (the color depending on the coding system).  I loved it.  Now as a wife and mother of three I don’t have quite enough time for all that, but I still look at all the ways I can stay organized.

I have a smart phone, but I still prefer a paper and pen planner system.  I get excited to cross things off my to do list.  I even add items to my list that I have completed but were not originally on my to do list.  I think to think this may make me a to do list dork 🙂

Never fear, I still have a color coded planner.  We keep a dry erase board in the kitchen with the months activities, meetings, appointments, etc…  I do keep this color coded per person, not per activity.  This helps me keep track of who the mommy taxi needs to take where.

Talk to you soon,


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