inventor of the time machine

December is one of those months where we all want a little more time to get things done and a little more time to enjoy this wonderful holiday season.  I can’t help but think of the Back to the Future movies and Doc’s time machine.  But Doc’s time machine may be a little too efficient.  After all, I don’t need years of more time just a few minutes.  So maybe giving up sleep for the month is the answer.  Clearly that isn’t effective.  I would be a zombie walking around, not enjoying or accomplishing anything.

So, the best solution for me is to be effective with my time (bye, bye facebook games, see you in January) and enjoy what is important this season.  I know the house will not be as perfectly decorated as I would like, I won’t have time to bake all the cookies I want, but the memories will be there for the children to cherish.

Talk to you soon,


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