Declutter and organize

One of the tools that is helping me declutter and organize my house, my life, etc…. is a calendar.  Not just any calendar.  This calendar is from a blog I found.

This is not just any calendar.  This is my guidepost for 2012!  At first I was very overwhelmed.  But then, a funny thing happened.  I followed my own advice.  Instead of looking at the whole calendar, I just looked one day at a time.  And funny, it worked.  I started to get things done, and get done quickly.  The task of the day was done in 5 minutes or less.  So I started crossing them off.  And slowly, very slowly, the house is starting to look like a little progress is made.

I keep remembering this is not a sprint, but a marathon.  I really like and appreciate having the guidance the calendar provides to get me going in the right direction.  I have a starting point.  And even I can find 2-5 minutes a day to get something done.

Talk to you soon,


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