The First Taste of Spring

I love the first days of spring.  The warm air, the open windows, the flowers budding.  I always view it as a renewal period, a so-called rebirth.  Work has gotten busy, but I have tried to stay focused and productive on the home front as well.  The carpets have been cleaned (the windows are open) the toy room is getting reorganized (again), and I have gotten outside for walks daily.  I have re-realized and need to remember that 20-30 minutes of me time walking or reading or listening to music is ESSENTIAL to the balance in my life.  So often I forget and get so run down.  My goals are not complete, the house isn’t spotless, the laundry is current, I am behind at work, etc…  but the stress level is down, way down, as I am remembering to take just a little time for me.

So thank you Mother Nature for blessing Indiana with spring (almost summer like weather) on these last days of winter.  I have loved getting outside to enjoy all that you have to offer.

Talk to you soon,


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