Back to Basics

Wow!  What a few weeks it has been.  Flooded basement.  Orkin man out to take care of bugs in the house.  Spring break.  Busy, crazy, fun.  Spring break was definately needed after the other events to recharge.  But my house is a MESS!!!  We still haven’t gotten the basement completely put back together.  We have not gotten the okay from Orkin to move back into the treated rooms.  The Easter Bunny was here.  That leaves ZERO rooms in the house that are not a disaster.  I am about to crawl out of my skin to get my house put back together.  However, as I try and be patient, I am also returning to the basics… my basics for putting the house back together.

1) Make the beds daily.  It gives the illusion that the room is put together.

2) Do it now!  If I can get a chore done in less then 2 minutes, I just do it now!  i.e.  when lunch is done, I just do the dishes.  no sense in letting the dishes pile to do them all later.  And it is fun to set a timer and see how much I can get done in 120 seconds.

3) Don’t panic.  With 5 people living in the house, there will always be a mess.  Tackle what I can, and tackle a little at a time.

4) Clean in order.  Determine what order you need to clean your house.  It doesn’t make sense to do 2 minutes in each room when the whole house is a mess.  Once you have your house in order, then the 2 minutes per room will work.


Today was a lot of deep breathing and tackling one thing at a time.  I worked, did laundry and cleaned toilets  Tomorrow the rest of the bathrooms will get done.  At least then the bathrooms will be spotless!

Talk to you soon,


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