Summer goals

School is out here and summer fun has already begun!  As a family we wanted to make a list or a set of goals of things we wanted to get done this summer.  Also has a way to “find” something to do when boredom kicks in….

Some of my favorite summer goals that I am looking forward too

  • catching fireflys
  • s’mores over the fire
  • blowing bubbles
  • sprinkler fun
  • teaching my oldest son to ride a two wheeler
  • vacation
  • making homemade ice cream

Of course, I had to put some practical items on the list as well

  • clean out the junk drawer
  • organize the cook book cabinet
  • clean the kids room

But the goal we are all most looking forward too

  • Bryan graduates nursing school!!!!

I am so proud of my husband for going back to school to pursue a career he enjoys.  He has worked so hard and the rewards are in sight!

What do you and your family have planned for the summer?

Talk to you soon,


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