stocked freezer

After going to the grocery store this weekend, I had the menu for the week (plus some) and I thought that was that.  I was very surprised at what happened next.  I cooked all the meals, and our freezer and fridge are good to go.  The summer schedule starts tomorrow, and I wanted to make sure I wasn’t too scatter brained this week getting the kids to and from, working, feeding everyone, etc…  So, over the last two days I baked the following (recipes to follow this week)

  1. Baked BBQ chicken
  2. Italian Chicken
  3. Chicken Pot Pie
  4. Enchiladas (with left over meat for another meal)
  5. Mexican Rice and Beans
  6. Chocolate Chip Cookies

Whew!  The kitchen has smelled great this weekend.  So what do we do after I have all the dinners prepared?  Order in.  Yep.  I was the crazy lady that did that.  Enchiladas is what I cooked last and I wasn’t in the mood for something that heavy, so we got salads to go!

Do you do freezer cooking?

Talk to you soon,


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