My new favorite thing

My husband says I have issues.  I say I am on the lookout for the perfect planner.  Well I am no longer looking, I have found it!  I just got this planner from  Isn’t it cute?

A friend posted a link to last year.  I had just bought a new planner, so I saved the link.  Inevitably I have fallen out of love with that one and turned to for help!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE my life planner.   It has bright fun colors, it is well-organized, it has stickers, and a folder and a zip compartment.  It is very well thought out for everyday use.  I love my new planner (have I said that yet?).  And to match this great product is an amazing customer service team.  My planner first arrived with the wrong cover.  I called and the customer service team was fabulous.  5 minutes on the phone and 44 hours later it was corrected and in my hand!  A well made American product with an outstanding customer service team.  What a great combination!

Talk to you soon,


p.s. I was not compensated at all for this review, I just couldn’t wait to share a great product with you!

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