Keeping Christmas Simple

The holiday season is underway!!!  It is so easy to get caught up and swept away with everything there is this holiday season.  I am so thankful that a few years ago my husband and I decided to keep it simple.  I cannot remember where we saw the idea, so my apologies to the original poster of the below.  For Christmas our kids get 4 gifts

1) something they want

2) something they need

3) something to wear

4) something to read

Once the slot is filled, that is it.  The way we have it the following:

1) something they want – this is the present that the kids ask Santa for

2) something they need – this is our misc. slot.  It may be something they actually need (shoes, clothes, etc.) or something to go with the something they want.

3) something to wear – we have decided to give our kids PJs every year

4) something to read – each year they get a new book.

It has really helped to keep our spending in check.  How do you keep Christmas simple?

Talk to you soon,


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