My new favorite thing

My husband says I have issues.  I say I am on the lookout for the perfect planner.  Well I am no longer looking, I have found it!  I just got this planner from  Isn’t it cute?

A friend posted a link to last year.  I had just bought a new planner, so I saved the link.  Inevitably I have fallen out of love with that one and turned to for help!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE my life planner.   It has bright fun colors, it is well-organized, it has stickers, and a folder and a zip compartment.  It is very well thought out for everyday use.  I love my new planner (have I said that yet?).  And to match this great product is an amazing customer service team.  My planner first arrived with the wrong cover.  I called and the customer service team was fabulous.  5 minutes on the phone and 44 hours later it was corrected and in my hand!  A well made American product with an outstanding customer service team.  What a great combination!

Talk to you soon,


p.s. I was not compensated at all for this review, I just couldn’t wait to share a great product with you!


The search for the perfect planner

I have a few obsessions – planners and purses are just a few of them.  I am constantly searching for the perfect planner (and purse for the planner).

Today is an exciting day!  My new planner starts today!!!!!

my new planner

I bought this planner about 2 months ago and have been patiently waiting.  I prefer the weekly view.  I have a column for each family member, a column for dinners, to do list, a place for notes.  Best of all (for me) I can see it all without flipping pages back and forth!!  My planner is the Day-timer and I found it at Walmart.

Do you have a favorite planner?

Talk to you soon,


Valentine’s Day Projects – part two

So many fun projects this time of year!  And I go back to Pinterest for my inspiration.  I found these valentine’s (from Disney’s Family fun) that my daughter and son will be giving to all their classroom friends.  I found all the supplies at Target – in the $1.00 bins.  For a total of $7.00 I will have valentines for 30 friends.

and I can’t wait to make these with the kids to “receive” all the fun valentines.

 Pinned Image

What fun crafts do you have planned this month?

Talk to you soon,


Valentine’s Day Projects

As I have mentioned before, I have a new love affair with pinterest.  I have found a few projects that I am using/adapting for my kids for Valentine’s Day.  The first one can be found here.

It was super easy and fast and cheap!  All good things here.  As one of the room moms for my daughter’s first grade class, these are going to make great favors for the class.

Talk to you soon,


pinterest love

Ok, so back to my regularly scheduled program…

I tried my first pinterest “pin” for Halloween.  I made these Mashmallow Witches that I found on pinterest  from taste of home. Mine looked like this…

not bad if I do say so myself.  More importantly the kids liked them (and knew they were witches).  The bigger hit however, were my Owl Cupcakes

I don’t know if the kids liked the cupcakes or the oreo (the eyes) better.  I did learn that the owl cupcakes do not hold as the oreos get soft, so these are a make and eat (certainly not a problem I can’t handle).

What have you found on pinterest?

Talk to you soon,


My newest obsession

My latest obsession….  pinterest.  My sister introduced me to the site a few weeks ago and I am in love.  There is so much out there.  It is inspiring me to be more crafty, to try new recipes, to put together new outfits, to gather ideas for the home and kids birthday parties.  Have you checked it out?

Next week I will share a pinterest success and a failure.

Talk to you soon,