Watch me grow – finale

Alas, my beautiful vegetable garden was not meant to be this year.  Mother Nature and her drought of the summer of 2012 were too much for  my vegetables to handle.  I had two nice zucchini and a yellow squash.  One juicy red tomato.  yummy!  There are a few tomatoes trying to hold on and make it to turn red and juicy.  I hope they do.

Even though we didn’t get as many vegetables as we hoped, the kids and I always enjoy planting them and watching them grow.  And that is real memory.

Talk to you soon,



End of Summer

With the kids back to school today, summer has come to an end.  It was a great summer.  I am so thankful that the kids love school and they have been counting down until today.  They couldn’t wait to board the bus and start the year.  I am so excited for them.

My summer to-do (wish list) didn’t get done.  Partly due to the water ban due to our drought and partly to running out of time.  The kids all had a great summer and we topped it off with a trip to a water park yesterday.  We loved spending our final day of summer vacation experiencing the lazy river, going down the water slides and just splashing around.  It was a great day!!!  (so much fun that my husband and I went back over this morning for our own R&R with the kids in school – shhh don’t tell them).

Talk to you soon,


16 days of glory

The London Olympics begin tonight!  I am beyond excited!!!  Congratulations to all the athletes who qualified for the games and best of luck.  I will be glued to my television for the next 16 days cheering you on (and thanking you for the movitation you provide)

Talk to you soon,


If you give a mouse a cookie….

If you give a mouse a cookie, or in my case if you give a mom a few hours…  It is amazing as what can get accomplished!

My amazing husband took the kids out of the house for the day.  I was so excited to actually clean the house, and I mean clean!  I vacuumed the rugs, washed the rug in the family room, cleaned the toy room, dusted all downstairs, washed the kitchen floor, put dinner in the crock pot.  Baked chicken so that dinner would be easier to prep later in the week and settled on the couch for a nap.

But wait…

just as I settled in, my husband called.  One of the boys had thrown up and they were on their way home.  As soon as they got home the other boy threw up.  So here I was with a clean house and two sick boys.   Our daughter was set to go to my parents today for a week of “Nana Camp” so I called them and they took her a day early.    So quick packing and a 5 hour drive for me (2 1/2 hours each way).

Thankfully, when  I got back home at 9pm, the boys were feeling better and sound asleep.  Phew!  A little cleaning and we would be good as new!

Think again…

About this time, my husband was hit with the bug and joined the ranks of the sick.

So today, I am thankful for the time to have to clean the house yesterday, that two boys are feeling better today, that my daughter is off enjoying camp and away from the germs.  My husband is still down for the count upstairs.

The boys and I will play and do laundry all day!

Talk to you soon,


Taco Pie

My sister shared this with me and it could not be any easier!!!!  Taco Pie.  yummy.

Prepare your taco meat to your preference

place in an unbaked pie shell (add cheese if you like)

bake 20 minutes at 350

top to your liking!


Have you found a new easy recipe?

Talk to you soon,


busy in the kitchen

I have gotten busy cooking and baking in the kitchen!  Trying to get all the photos needed – recipes for Turkey BBQ loaves and Taco Pie are coming soon!

Exhausted tonight – picked another zucchini from the garden and make 3 1/2 dozen zucchini muffins.  Kids are in heaven – these are their favorites!

Talk to you soon,



What motivates you?  Our family loved watching the Olympic Trials on TV a few weeks ago.  We cannot wait for the Olympics to start so we can cheer on athletes as they compete.  I found I was so motivated during the trials. I cleaned more, I exercised more, I baked more… I just sensed an extra spring in my step.

Then – the lull…  these weeks between the trials and when the Olympics are going to start.  nada.  I have felt blah.  I haven’t exercised since the trials.  I have not prepared dinners (until the night of).

So what motivates you?

I can’t wait until the Olympics are on TV.  I am looking to get my mojo back!!!

Talk to you soon,


zucchini muffins

Today I picked our very first zucchini from the garden (sorry I forgot to take a picture).  And then we made these delicious muffins.

These always go very quickly in our house.  I have to freeze some when we get a double batch so that we can continue to enjoy muffins after the zucchini are gone.  I use the recipe from Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book.  The kids love seeing the vegetables from the garden turn into their favorite muffins.

Talk to you soon,



The search for the perfect planner

I have a few obsessions – planners and purses are just a few of them.  I am constantly searching for the perfect planner (and purse for the planner).

Today is an exciting day!  My new planner starts today!!!!!

my new planner

I bought this planner about 2 months ago and have been patiently waiting.  I prefer the weekly view.  I have a column for each family member, a column for dinners, to do list, a place for notes.  Best of all (for me) I can see it all without flipping pages back and forth!!  My planner is the Day-timer and I found it at Walmart.

Do you have a favorite planner?

Talk to you soon,